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Hopefully this helps someone and saves them some grief and aggravation.

Lets talk Scam emails/websites and Viruses.

People always ask well how did I get this -Meaning Viruses or ransom ware/Malware.
Let’s start out with Email. Email will get you in the most trouble. If you didn’t order
something and you get an email stating fedex/ups invoice don’t click on the email with
a attachment in it and don’t ever open the file attachment. If you think it may be legit go
the website of the shipper and enter the tracking number there. I have also seen where
people get an email from their own company stating this invoice needs to be paid with
you guessed it a file attachment. This also goes for you owe the IRS with a file
attachment. The IRS always sends mail - Never ever email. If you suspect a rouge
email call your accounting department or call the company that the invoice is
supposedly from don’t open the email. This scam is extremely prevalent and I have
seen it get many of people .

Let’s talk Adobe flash Player/Call Microsoft/virus has been detected on your system -
This is another sure fire way to inject a virus into your system. This is how it works - you
go to a website and it pops a box that says you need to update your flash player/you
have a virus call now / we have taken over your system/Call Microsoft now. There are
many variants on this injector. Play it smart you see the box that says any of the above
- Safest bet shut the computer off. Then restart you’ll save yourself a lot of headache.
Don’t click yes /no or cancel - All of them mean the same thing install something bad
on my computer. I am not responsible if you shut the computer off and it does not
restart - This is just the disclaimer.

The 411/Lottery/IRS scam. You get an email from either a Nigerian prince/legal aid for
deceased relative /IRS. These are all SCAMS. The Nigerian prince usually starts out
with bad spelling to begin with stating something like . I am prince such and such . I
would like to share my wealth with you. Here goes the catch in order to get the wealth
you have to give them cash in advance for more cash in return. Don’t fall for this one
the only one making out in this is the person you are sending the money to. The lottery
SCAM works the same way as above. You have won insert lottery name here**********
for 2 million dollars. We will need security to assure you funds reach you. The security
required is x amount of dollars. It’s a scam - you send the security amount and they
send you air or worse a check- That is going to bounce. IRS SCAM any email that has
IRS in it and ask to click on a link or you have a past due bill pay here. It is a scam -IRS
only contacts by mail- Never email.

This is a living document and will be changed or added to as needed. If there is
something omitted or needed please let me know and I will change it after checking
the Information Email me with suggested changes.
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